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Our Services

What Does Gracor Do?

Every company is unique — their services, products, processes, and requirements — so every company has different language needs. Gracor understands this, and customizes each service based not only on the target languages and the industry, but on specific needs of the project — such as technical/compliance issues or specific government testing language requirements.

Gracor provides a full range of translation, oral and testing services: from manuals to MSDS, from presentation voiceovers to court interpretations, from linguistic employee assessments to global market consulting.

By utilizing linguists from specific fields, Gracor can ensure that our work is not only literally correct, but also the proper technical terminology and intent of the original source carries through. Gracor’s large linguist pool provides unusual language parings so no language combination is an issue.

Gracor delivers what every client wants: personalized small business customer service combined with a company large enough to handle unique languages and projects in a timely manner.

Snapshot of Performances

  • Exclusive translation company in Spanish for Fortune 500 Financial client for over 15 years (from policy information, marketing collateral, website, claims/court material).

  • Language testing company for 25 government contractors and tested over 10,000 linguistic candidates per year.

  • Provides service for over 10 years to five Fortune 500 International clients.

  • Preference Interpreters for the United States District court (Columbus).

  • Translation of 100 Material Safety Data sheets in 26 languages for Pharmaceutical client, reoccurring over 15 years.

  • Gracor is listed as a “Preferred Linguistic Testing Vendor” to INSCOM, the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command.

  • Translation of technical manufacturing website into 10 languages.

  • Creation of financial website for primary government lending institution for the Hispanic US market.

  • Translation of multiple grades of Science, History, and Math textbooks for three states for one of the “big-three” educational publishers.

  • Assisted in corporate sexual harassment case with interpreter and translation services.

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