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Oral Services

Successful interpretation involves understanding the importance of word choice to communicate the nuance and objective of a message.
Why has miscommunication occurred? Why are ideas and instructions not being conveyed correctly within your organization?

Enter Gracor.

Gracor’s staff has been interpreting in the court system and corporations for over 20 years. Gracor’s interpreters are not only proficient in interpreting but skilled in subject matter. Many are court certified, the highest certification. They understand the extreme importance of understanding your business and transferring one person’s message to another accurately.

Gracor also offers full oral services, such as presentation voice-overs and transcription, using native voice talent to provide the end-user with the most accurately relayed message.

Gracor provides oral linguistic services in:
  • Editing (Sound, Video)

  • Simultaneous Interpretation

  • Consecutive Interpretation

  • Voice-overs

  • Audio recordings

  • Promotional and Training Video Scripts

  • Multimedia Presentations

  • Transcription Services

  • Phone Interpretation

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