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Language Assessment & Testing Services

Because of the complex nature of interpretation and translation, the proficiency of your employee can’t be accurately measured with in-house staff.
How can your company truly know the linguistic ability of a candidate or employee?

Enter Gracor.

Gracor does linguistic proficiency testing. This helps you determine if a prospective employee or candidate is able to speak, listen, read, or write in a language and/or if the candidate can interpret or translate to/from English. Jobs such as intelligence analysts, overseas interpreters, embassy employees or government workers all need their language proficiency verified and Gracor provides outside impartial evaluations.

Evaluating and testing of interpreters and linguistic professionals provides protection from misinterpretation on the job and costly translation mistakes. It also provides the ease of mind knowing that the linguists you wish to hire have passed an established testing procedure.

  • Gracor provides over 10,000 linguistic tests per year in over 100 languages (common and uncommon).

  • Gracor provides Proficiency Assessments in Interpretation, Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Translation, ATP (Audio Translation Performance).

  • Gracor can also work with you to provide linguistic need & use consulting and customized test material development.

  • Gracor works with 25 primes/sub-contractors for the government, as well as municipalities and corporations.

  • During times of crisis/priority testing, Gracor has been able to provide language testing for over 1,500 tests per month.

  • Gracor is listed as a “Preferred Linguistic Testing Vendor” to INSCOM, the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command.

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