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How can you KNOW something is correct in a language you don’t know?

When it comes to translation, interpretation or language testing trust and reputation are critical. For over 25 years, Gracor has never advertised for business. All our business has been referrals and people who have heard about us throughout their industry. This factor demonstrates Gracor’s outstanding ISO 9001:2015 certified quality and accuracy of service and speaks to our reputation for high quality and the trust our clients put in us.






Does your employee really know a language? Gracor provides linguistic proficiency testing to both government contractors and private/public companies in reading, writing, listening, speaking, interpretation, translation, and ATP in over 80 languages.




Is your company’s message really being understood by the target audience? Gracor understands the balance of maintaining corporate branding messages and technical expertise with target language nuances and conventions.




How important to your business is it that no miscommunication occurs? Gracor offers simulations and consecutive interpretation services (live and over the phone), as well as recording and scripting voice services by native speakers.

Ready to get started?


Gracor is large enough to handle all size and type of projects, but our exceptional customer service provides the personal concierge touch.

Nothing means more in language services than accuracy, in meaning, message and proficiency. You must trust the company providing you with translations, interpretations or testing because you do not know all the languages. At Gracor excellence is the norm, not the exception.

Our Goal:

Gracor’s goal is to prove worthy of your trust by providing outstanding translations, oral services and proficiency testing that exceeds expectations time & time again.

Our Commitment:

Gracor is IOS 9001:2015 certified. Being ISO certified indicates how seriously Gracor takes quality management and how important our commitment to our clients is.

Our Record:

Gracor has been supplying high quality language services for over 20 years to international, regional and statewide businesses and government agencies, including Fortune 500s.

Our Team:

We have a global team of associates who are native-speakers and industry-specific experts, allowing the exact content and the original intent of the material to be preserved, not just a literal translation.

Translation, Interpretation and Testing Services provided in over 100 languages.

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